Marketing – Easy English Series

Marketing easily explained, for students learning to speak English


Marketing Cover - Easy English Series

For women today, financial independence is a way out of the challenges they face, but studying formally for years is not always realistic.  Money makes many things possible and learning how to make money is an important skill. The simplest way for a woman first entering business to earn her own money is to identify a product and begin to market and sell it.

About the book: This practical, easy to read book “Marketing” is the first of a series that offers easy to understand, simple ways to make sure that you market your product in such a way that you can begin to create a livable income for yourself.   It is written for students who are learning to speak English, and want to sell to English speaking customers.

About the Author: Anthea Van Der Pluym has a BCom degree, MBA with distinction from the DeMontfort University, UK, and is a qualified English Language instructor (TEFL) who has more than 20 years combined business and teaching experience.

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Author: Anthea

I'm an international speaker, author and coach focussed on personal growth, authenticity and women's empowerment. "Take back your power, and live a good life on your terms!"