Management – Easy English Series

Learn how to manage your small business. Management is written for students learning to speak English.


Many women run small businesses from home to earn a living, and create an income for themselves and their children. Learning how to manage the money, information, systems and processes needed to grow that business into a going concern is important.  For many women formal university education is not realistic, and they need an easier, faster way to learn how to manage their business well. Business Management - Easy English Series

About the book: This practical, clearly written book “Management” is the second of a basic business series that offers easy to understand, simple ways to make sure that you manage your business well enough to sustain a real income for yourself and children.   It is written for students who are learning to speak English, and want to build an English speaking customer base.

About the Author: Anthea Van Der Pluym has a BCom degree, MBA with distinction from the DeMontfort University, UK, and is a qualified English Language instructor (TEFL) who has more than 20 years combined business and teaching experience.

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Author: Anthea

I'm an international speaker, author and coach focussed on personal growth, authenticity and women's empowerment. "Take back your power, and live a good life on your terms!"