You are in control of your life.

We determine our destiny, good or bad. Our choices shape our lives. Choose wisely.



Imagine that the boat in the picture above is your life, and that the wake in the water is your history.   Everyone who looks at you, looks at your wake and draws conclusions about your life. You’re successful or unsuccessful, talented or untalented, good or bad, lucky or unlucky.  They could even go so far as to project forward and imagine where you will end up based on your current trajectory, after all your history is clearly visible.

But we all know this is flawed. It’s not the wake that determines the direction of the boat, but the boat that determines where the wake will show up.  Turn the wheel sharply and the wake will curve too. Cut the engine and stand still, and the wake will shut down too.

The actions of the boat determine its history.  And so it is with your life.

You are only your circumstance, culture and life to the extent that you choose to embrace it.  If you choose not to, and imagine a different life for yourself than your current course,  you set a whole new plan into action that will change your history.

So, if you like the current outcome of your life  – well done to you…

If you don’t,  set a new direction and turn your wheel.  Keep your eyes on your new goal, track your progress against your goal carefully , and open up your engines till you get there!

You’ll be pleased with your new history.



Author: Anthea

I'm an international speaker, author and coach focussed on personal growth, authenticity and women's empowerment. "Take back your power, and live a good life on your terms!"