Developing your Personal Value

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Ladies – do you know your own value?  Are you sure or unsure of what it is?  How much do you mean to others? What must you do in order to to be valuable to them? How much do you mean to YOU? What do you have to do before you start to give yourself credit?  Do you build yourself up regularly, do you put yourself first?  Do you know how to increase your own sense of personal value?

Many of us live our lives with very little opportunity to follow our own hearts and be true to ourselves.  We put ourselves on the backburner to care for others, our husbands or children, our colleagues.  After a time that we don’t even question the fact that there is hardly any ‘me time’, never mind an actual plan for our goals and ambitions, to improve our lives.

Putting yourself first is foreign to many of us and yet paradoxically is the key to our own and our family’s success.  When you are educated, wealthy, healthy and loved you are able to make a much larger contribution than when you are not.

Believe it or not but your discontent with the status quo is a good starting point to develop your own worth!

In the article below we explore how to value yourself,  and what it takes to find your own personal worth, and present it as process over seasons. See if you can identify where you find yourself in the seasons and head on off to the exhilarating summer of a great valuable life.

The journey is yours for the taking – download and enjoy the article below.

The Seasons of Personal Value

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Author: Anthea

I'm an international speaker, author and coach focussed on personal growth, authenticity and women's empowerment. "Take back your power, and live a good life on your terms!"