This blog exists to celebrate women. I believe that women form the bedrock of our society and that as healthy, loving women we have the capacity to change our known world. If you love a woman, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a wife then this blog is for you. Feel free to join me in adding your voice to the throng, and elevating the status of women in our society.

Women, lets take up our power and use our unique skills and contributions to fashion a world that we are proud to live in. Lets challenge the paradigms that hold us back and face the stresses together. Let’s be proud, skilled, self actualized and loving women.   Let us let go of old paradigms that do not serve us. Let us build the new realities that allow us to live meaningful and fulfilled lives going forward.

We have faced pain, hardships, illness and injustices. These form part of our story but lets not let them define us. We are not pain, difficulty, shame or embarrassment – we are more than that and able to put a stop to it. Let us define how we want our story to end.

Lets work together, collaborate together and rise, beautiful and strong one day at a time. Feel free to comment, to add your voice and let us rise together.


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